Vendégház a Zöld kapuhoz

Explore the picturesque Hungarian countryside with its old castles, long stretching plateaus and the traditional villages around our guesthouse.

Salgo Castle

Salgo castle

Salgo castle is only a 15 minute walk away from our guesthouse. The castle was built in 1341 and is 625 meters above sea level. Climbing up to the top is absolutely worth while as the views are stunning.

Somoskö Castle

Somosko and Salgo castles - both walking distance from our guesthouseSomoskö is approx. an hour walk or just a 5 minutes drive away from our guesthouse. The castle is already on the Slovak side of the border, but you can access it easily without a passport.

The famous high jump and pole vault championships take place here every year in June.

highjump and pole vault championships Salgotarjan, Somosko Hungary    modern tennis court near our guesthouse

A modern tennis court can be found at the foot of the castle which our guests can access.


Hollókö - a picturesque Hungarian village with lots of character¶This is one of the most famous villages in Hungary that kept a lot from its traditional past. The old buildings have been beautifully restored and you can see the locals in the traditional folklore dresses.

Hollókö - traditional folklore dresses¶   Hollókö caste

There is also a castle near Hollókö which is worth while visiting. The village is only a 35 mile drive away from our guesthouse.

Medves plateau

Medves plateau with Salgo castle in the backgroundThis is one of Europe’s largest plateaus which is approx. 15 km² and lies between 520 and 570 meters above the sea level. This is a great place for hikes, riding and bird watching.

The spectacular views     Medves plateau

Enjoy the picturesque countryside in the winter too
In the winter we can organise horse sleighs for a romantic excursion around the plateau. The views are spectacular.


Enjoy the picturesque countryside in the winter too     Enjoy the picturesque countryside in the winter too


We organise riding lessons for children and adults or if you already know how to ride, we will take you on a guided tour round the Medves plateau.

Riding on Medves plateau     Riding lessons for children


You can also go fishing to the nearby lake. The following fish can be found in the lake: bream, bass, carp, pike and catfish.

Fishing at the nearby lake   fishing in the winter

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